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The Newb is strong in that one..

Posted on: January 2nd, 2009 by Newbs Staff

I had the day off today, and I decided to devote my whole day to doing absolutely nothing constructive in the real world. It’s one of those day dreams I have when i’m working four 12 hour shifts in a row.. Long story short, we had a few scrims today and i’m here to tell you about it.

It started out like any other scrim.. zei|o messages me, I ask if we have 6 – we do – log on vent – dondi found some randos who want to get down and dirty. sweet. So we load up gravel pit on #8 and the fun ensues. Memorable quotes from the match:

Rando #1 on other team:!ready
Rando #2:READY
Rando #1:!eready
rando #2: .ready
vent chat: someone join their team and hit f4 so we can play already

zei|o: WTF do they have two medics?
gggly: hold on let me check (goes to spec)
gggly: yea they have two medics

(when you know you’re playing some pro’s)

They barely capped A. Literally, they had like 3 seconds left before they capped it. One of their guys raegs because we have two snipers raining down bullets into their faces. they blame his pc.. he rejoins we restart. We run two spies. They capture A, but struggle to even touch B. We win within 40 seconds on offense. This madness continue for 3 rounds until they’ve had enough and the newbs leave. I hang out afterwards and play their team 6v1 as scout and they STILL didn’t win haha.. they weren’t playing too hard but still : )

half hour break.. we regroup versus some reputable individuals on badlands.

First map we get to the last point, but fail to cap all the way. They counter us all the way back and eventually win. Second round, we came out and pushed right down their throats,(thats what she said) ubered on the last point, killed their medic and won. It was pretty obvious the team who took the middle point first was most likely going to win. After that round they were pretty tentative at taking the middle point, and we really starting getting into a groove. We lost that one, then won. You could tell it was getting to them, because when we hit 2-2, they subbed in former Cevo-p V-police’s BLACKYMOSTER at sniper. I’ve played him a couple times and he puts people to shame with that red dot. He was such a force their medic was pretty much dedicated to him for the big battles at the third point. BLACKYMONSTER’s presence was felt, but not enough for them to pull out another win.

They started switching their build with a pyro and BLACKY going to scout, but to no evail.

Bottom Line: Newbs win.