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Give me your best (3) deathcam shots! And get a snazzy belt buckle. BONK!

Posted on: March 9th, 2009 by octo dhd

Dingo Supplied TF2 Belt Buckle

You know you want it, I know you want it, so get me the picture. Huh? Oh yeah, I started that backwards huh. Okay, heres the deal – We all love scouts, especially scouts with bats right? And what better way to show how much we care about scouts (and their bats) than to let everyone know that our belts can bonk with the best of em. In order to get this wonderful, rare custom belt buckle all you’ll need to do is win a little contest.

You like games right? Well the name of this game is death. The next time you get killed on a Newbs server (Not those Newbies only servers, I’m talking about the servers named ‘ #’ ) pay close attention, if the freeze cam of your killer looks badass, press F5. Gather your best 3 deathcam shots, and send em in (details will follow in a future blog post). Be sure to keep the screenshots a secret, you’d hate to tip off the other competitors about how badass your screenshots are right? :)

Oh btw, a protip; if you hate tga’s, in console type: bind F5 jpeg
My screenshot directory is listed below, yours is likely very similar:

C:\Program Files\steam\steamapps\octodhd\team fortress 2\tf\screenshots

Simple huh? Yup it is. All screenshots must be from TODAY forward, and only pictures from the Newbs servers are eligible to win!!

The grand prize (the belt buckle) was donated by our very own dingo… Shes a girl, so if you report on this be sure not to call her a guy.  The contest will be decided by me, octo-dhd.  I am very sad to have to part with the belt buckle, but my loss is your gain.  So be sure to take advantage of my great sorrow.

Valid servers for screenshots:

#1 24/7 Dustbowl          
#3 24/7 Bad Water         
#4 24/7 2fort (Octo-land) 
#5 24/7 2fort (Koans Kingdom)
#6 Custom Rotation (Koans Kingdom)
#7 24/7 Payload Rotation  
#8 New York Rotation (Octo)

For complete contest details check out:

Ubersaw for the win… MEDIC!!!!

Posted on: March 4th, 2009 by octo dhd

Question time… So whats 10cm x 3.5 cm (thats ~ 4 inch by 1.4 inch in real numbers) that packs a painful punch? Hey! get your mind out of the gutter – Why an ornamental ubersaw pin of course.  Dingo has struck again, and it might hurt a bit.  I was thinking about doing a real fancy write up, but I think the pictures speak for themselves – its cool, its wearable, it looks good, and its one of a kind. So if you ever see a girl out and about with a badass ubersaw pin on, you’ll know its the one, the only, the Dingo.

Oh also, please be sure to pass this around and let everyone know how cool Dingos creations are, and by extension the rest of us are for knowing her.. :)

See the page devoted to Dingo’s Ubersaw pin (it also has links to other things shes done such as the plush demo sticky bombs)