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A TF2 Newbs Guide to Halloween Event Maps

Posted on: October 22nd, 2014 by Obey

The following blogpost is a guide about the many Halloween-themed maps, items, and events that have had annual updates since they first began in 2009. Most of the following information is from the Official TF2 Wiki.

Table of Contents

  1. Bullets go here
  2. Sorry people! This is under construction.  Feel free to see what’s done; I’ll try to finish it very soon….!


How Holiday Restrictions Work

– Halloween

– Full Moon

– Eternatween Items/Halloween Mode

– Servers allowing the items and their ConVars

The Haunted Halloween Special (2009)

400px-Haunted_Hallowe'en_SpecialThe first annual Halloween Event launched a new King of the Hill map, Harvest (koth_harvest_final), as well as a Halloween Event reskin of that same map, Harvest Event (koth_harvest_event). This was also the first event to launch “Scarechievements” and Halloween-themed cosmetic items that could be unlocked:

  • Halloween Pumpkins are small, candy-filled powerups drop by any player who dies on any Halloween map.  If picked up by touching it, it refills ammo/metal and grants 3.2 seconds of crit boost.  Picking up 20 Halloween Pumpkins (from any map) would unlock a hat, the Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask, a paper bag that has a different face depending on which class wears it at the time. You can still earn this non-tradable hat.
  • The Ghastly Gibus was earned by the first 11,111 users to find a secret page in the splash pages of the event. Since then, anyone who dominates a player wearing the Ghastly Gibus will earn the “Ghastly Gibus Grab” Scarechivement, as well as that year’s current incarnation of the hat. You can still earn a version of this non-tradable hat by earning the achievement, regardless of what map you’re on when completed.
  • The Gentle Mann’s Service Medal was also earned by the first 10,319 users to find a second secret page.  This is item is now limited and cannot be obtained by other means.


Harvest Event

Harvest is a relatively simple map, fall-themed with pumpkins and carts, with only one central point inside a building in the center of the map.  Harvest Event is essentially a darker, spookier version of the same map, featuring explosive pumpkin bombs, the above pumpkin pickups, and a ghost haunting the building in the center occasionally (the ghost stuns anyone it touches for several seconds).  If you haven’t played any Halloween maps before, give Harvest Event a try.


The Scream Fortress Update (2010)

365px-Second_Annu-hell_Screm_FortressThe second annual Halloween Event launched a new asymmetric control point map, Mountain Lab (cp_mountainlab), as well as its Halloween Event counterpart, Mann Manor (cp_manor_event). It also launched the awarding of various Halloween-themed items by picking up a randomly-spawning Haunted Halloween Gift.

Mann Manor

800px-Mountain_Lab_overviewIn Mountain Lab/Mann Manor, BLU leaves from a large house and must capture three points in order while the RED team defends. In Mountain Lab, RED defends a laboratory in the daytime, while at Mann Manor, RED defends an old haunted house at nighttime.  Further the following Halloween content occurs on the Mann Manor map only:

  • Halloween Pumpkins spawn on all Halloween maps.  If picked up by touching it, it refills ammo/metal and grants 3.2 seconds of crit boost.  Picking up 20 Halloween Pumpkins (from any map) would unlock a hat, the Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask, a paper bag that has a different face depending on which class wears it at the time. You can still earn this non-tradable hat.
  • The Haunted Halloween Gift will randomly spawn, choosing a player on the server. The Gift spawns only at several predetermined locations. Only the chosen player will be able to see the lime-green gift box, and has 3 minutes to retrieve it before it disappears.  If picked up, that player cannot earn another for at least 45 minutes of playing time, while the gift respawns for someone else in 30 seconds. (The Gift will not spawn unless there are at least 10 non-bot players on the server.)
  • Retrieving the Haunted Halloween Gift on the Mann Manor map will grant one of nine Halloween Masks, one of each class but can be worn by any class. Multiple copies of these masks can be collected, and by collecting one of all nine masks, a Saxton Hale Mask can be crafted. Unlike the Halloween Masks, the Saxton Hale Mask does not have a Halloween/Full Moon holiday restriction, so it can be worn at any time.
  • The first “boss monster” of Team Fortress 2, the Horseless Headless Horsemann, haunts Mann Manor. About every 8 minutes, he spawns at the currently contested control point and goes on a rampage, quickly running up to and killing players on both teams with his gigantic axe. He targets a nearby random player, which declares that player “It”.  That player will be the first to die unless s/he either manages to avoid getting killed for 30 seconds, or hits an enemy player with a melee weapon, “tagging” that player with the “It” status.  Occasionally it will also taunt, stunning all nearby players for a few seconds in fear (unless they’re wearing the Saxton Hale Mask or the Horseless Headless Horsemann’s Head). He is immune to all on-hit effects and all status effects.
  • The Horseless Headless Horsemann (the “HHH”) has lots of health, which is based on the number of players on the server, and can be harmed by players from both teams. If killed, he will not respawn for another 8 minutes, and kill credit will go to the last three players to damage it.  Getting kill credit on the HHH for the first time will earn you the “Gored!” Ghostchievement, a you-only-get-one-ever Haunted Metal Scrap, which in turn can be used to craft either the Horseless Headless Horsemann’s Headtaker melee weapon for the Demoman, or one of three random styles of all-class, tradable skull-themed hats.


The HHH Headtaker functions just like the Eyelander, gaining strength as you earn heads of slain enemies.


The Very Scary Halloween Special (2011)

365px-Scream_Fortress_Very_Scary_Halloween_SpecialThe third annual Halloween Event offered Eyeaduct, a reskinned Viaduct map, and was the first to let players earn Halloween costume cosmetics. Players that logged on during the event earned a now-unobtainable Halloween Goodie Cauldron with two Halloween-themed cosmetic items.


EyeaductEyeaduct (koth_viaduct_event) is the Halloween Event version of the mostly symmetrical King of the Hill map Viaduct. Game play is the same, with the following major changes:

  • Halloween Pumpkins spawn on all Halloween maps.  If picked up by touching it, it refills ammo/metal and grants 3.2 seconds of crit boost.  Picking up 20 Halloween Pumpkins (from any map) would unlock a hat, the Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask, a paper bag that has a different face depending on which class wears it at the time. You can still earn this non-tradable hat.
  • The Haunted Halloween Gift will spawn on Eyeaduct under the same conditions as Mann Manor (see above). On the Eyeaduct map, however, the Gift grants one of 27 Halloween Costume 2011 cosmetic items. Any Gifts found in the Underworld will be Haunted quality.
  • Like Mann Manor, Eyeaduct has its own unique “boss monster”: the Monoculus! It appears about every 3 minutes from the start of the round or its last appearance. When it spawns, the point resets to neutral ownership and cannot be captured. This giant eye-boss shoots barrages of eyeball crit rockets, and gets temporarily angry when critically hit. It teleports around the map, and when it does so, it leaves behind a portal leading to the Underworld where the player can reach the other side to earn a powerful invulnerability/crit/speed buff. Monoculus must be defeated within 2 minutes, or it escapes without being successfully killed. Regardless of outcome, it will respawn once more in about 3 minutes; each time Monoculus is killed (until the map restarts), Monoculus level increases by one as it becomes stronger!! Naturally, getting your opponents to work together to defeat Monoculus can be difficult.
  • If Monoculus is killed, it creates a giant portal to the Underworld.  Players entering the portal must quickly run to Loot Island to reach the Bombinomicon book in time.  Reaching the Bombinomicon unlocks the “Dive Into a Good Book” Eye-chievement and the Bombinomicon cosmetic item.  Being present on a server when Monoculus is killed unlocks the “Optical Defusion” Eye-chievement and the Monoculous head-replacing cosmetic item.



The Fourth Annual Spectral Halloween Special (2012)

365px-Fourth_Annual_Scream_FortressThe fourth annual Halloween Event brought a host of new content for Team Fortress 2: an altered Lakeside map, Halloween spells, even more Halloween Costumes, a reskinned MvM map with waves of zombie bots, and more Halloween cosmetics.

Ghost Fort

EyeaductGhost Fort (koth_lakeside_event) is the Halloween Event version of the desert-themed Lakeside King-of-the-Hill map. Ghost Fort’s layout is slightly altered from Lakeside, with upper platforms around the central control point, and the enclosed room with the pool of water replaced with a “bottomless” pit.

  • Halloween Pumpkins spawn on all Halloween maps.  If picked up by touching it, it refills ammo/metal and grants 3.2 seconds of crit boost.  Picking up 20 Halloween Pumpkins (from any map) would unlock a hat, the Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask, a paper bag that has a different face depending on which class wears it at the time. You can still earn this non-tradable hat.
  • The Haunted Halloween Gift will spawn on Ghost Fort under the same conditions as Mann Manor (see above). On the Ghost Fort map, however, the Gift grants either a Halloween Spell, a Voodoo-Cursed Item, or (rarely) a Halloween-themed cosmetic item.  See below for the details on these.
  • The control point has been enchanted to spin the “Wheel of Fate” each time the central control point is capped. The random result of the spin affects the players of both teams: super speed, super jumps, larger or smaller heads, critical boost, invulnerability, low gravity, a “whammy” of various negative effects like burning or jarate, or even a Dance Off!  The Dance Off teleports all players to line up on the central point and do the “Thriller” dance from the Michael Jackson music video of the same name.
  • The “boss monster” for Ghost Fort is the Soldier’s former roommate and very cantankerous wizard, Merasmus.  He appears every few minutes and continually harasses the players and interrupts play. The wizard prefers to float in midair near the control point, but will teleport randomly, whacking players with his staff, launch volleys of bombs, and cast a spell that both ignites you and launches you into the air.  When Merasmus teleports, several players will have their heads replaced with a bomb, which will certainly explode unless you reach the wizard in time. The bombs then stun the wizard and grant you a short invulnerability/crit/speed buff.  Twice before he dies, Merasmus will disappear and disguise himself as a random furniture prop, similar to the PropHunt game mode or Hide and Seek.
  • Merasmus must be killed within one-and-a-half minutes, or he will escape. If defeated, he opens a portal to Skull Island for a few seconds, where players can climb the island to earn the Necromannchievement “Wizards Never Prosper” and the Skull Island Topper all-class hat.  Merasmus will then return in a few minutes, having gained a level and thus stronger.  The Skull Island Topper hat will record the highest-level Merasmus you have witnessed defeated.  If not defeated, Merasmus will reset to level one.  (Hint: Headshotting Merasmus with the Huntsman sniper bow is very effective!)
  • All those who succeed in returning from Skull Island in time will gain the invulnerability/crit/speed boost for a short time.


Halloween Spells

This update also launched the collection and usage of Halloween Spells.  They are obtained by picking up Halloween Haunted Gifts–the green-yellow gifts that can drop for you about once every forty-five minutes, that only you can see.

NEW!  As of 10/13/14, these tool items are now tradable!

Halloween Spells are tool items used to give various effects to weapons, cosmetic items, or classes.  Remember, these spell effects permanently affect an applied item, but the effects are not visible except during Halloween/Full Moon, Halloween maps, and servers that have Halloween mode turned on.  They can only be found on Ghost Fort. There are four kinds of Halloween Spells:

  1. Footprint Effects (hat-slot item): Causes the equipped player to leave behind glowing footprints of a certain color.
  2. Paint Effects (any cosmetic item): Causes the equipped cosmetic item to color-change from its original color, to a specific color, then back again.
  3. Vocal Effects (a hat equippable by a specific class): Causes the equipped player’s voice to be lowered, similar to the Big Head curse.
    • If applied to an all-class hat, its effect will work for any wearer.
  4. Weapon Effects (specific weapons): Causes the equipped weapon to have specific effects, such as pumpkin-shaped projectiles and ghostly particles rising from dead enemies.

Voodoo-Cursed Items are also funky-looking tool items. Their purpose is to collect 7 of one kind, then use them to craft a Pile of Curses.

In turn, a Pile of Curses is a tool item that you can open like a crate, but without needing a key.  When opened, it drops one of 9 Voodoo-Cursed Souls–a cosmetic (Halloween/Full Moon restricted) item that changes the appearance of one of the nine classes into a zombie. There is a chance that the Soul will be Haunted quality. In addition there is a chance that a Halloween Spell may drop as well as the Soul.  (Previously, Eerie Crates were also a possible drop, but they were retired after the Halloween 2012 event; the cosmetics from that crate are still purchasable from the Mann Co. Store).


Ghost Town and Wave 666


What, Advanced-level MvM matches too easy for you? Then fill your Upgrade Canteen with Ammo Refills and head to Ghost Town (mvm_ghost_town), a reskinned, nighttime Coal Town that will DESTROY YOUR FACE with zombie bots.  Six-hundred and sixty-six of them, in fact–and they are Expert level, which is harder than anything MvM can throw at you.  It’s beatable, but you’re probably gonna die to the zombie apocalypse, so you might as well die with an empty clip and a broken sentry.


Are we done yet?!  Not even close–we’re only up to last year…!

The Scream Fortress Fifth Annual Helloween Special (2013)



The fifth annual Halloween Event offered Helltower, a variation on the Payload Race map Hightower, over a hundred new cosmetic items, and a few new tool items.



800px-Plr_hightower_event_centertowerHelltower (plr_hightower_event) is the Halloween-themed version of Hightower. There is an additional Clocktower with glowing paths that only appear occasionally, and …

  • Halloween Pumpkins spawn on all Halloween maps.  If picked up by touching it, it refills ammo/metal and grants 3.2 seconds of crit boost.  Picking up 20 Halloween Pumpkins (from any map) would unlock a hat, the Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask, a paper bag that has a different face depending on which class wears it at the time. You can still earn this non-tradable hat.
  • The Haunted Halloween Gift will spawn on Helltower under the same conditions as Mann Manor (see above). On the Helltower map, however, the Gift grants one or more of the following:
    • One of the many Halloween 2013 cosmetic items; unlike purchased cosmetics, these freebies will be uncraftable and untradable
    • Spellbook Pages, which can be placed into a Spellbook (see below)
    • A Costume Transmogrifier tool item, which will convert a chosen Halloween 2013 costume item into another costume item from the same group that is equippable by the given class (i.e. a Soldier Costume Transmogrifier could convert a Scout’s “Hound’s Hood” into a Soldier’s “Shaolin Sash”).
  • Occasionally, the Clocktower will toll a bell to announce the Witching Hour, during which green Skeletons will spew forth from the temporary glowing bridges of the Clocktower. During that time, players can access a Book of Rare Spells at the Clocktower.
  • Magic Spells are temporary powerups granting special abilities, and are not usable until you equip a Spellbook Magazine, Fancy Spellbook, or Fireproof Secret Diary equipped. They are retained when you die, but they are lost after being cast once. You must cast the spell you currently have before you can pick up another.
    • Regular Magic Spells can be found when during intervals of pushing a cart, dropped when a player is killed, and spawning randomly during the Witching Hour.  They include:
      • A two-charge Fireball that shoots a ball of fire that also causes afterburn
      • A three-charge Teleport that shoots a ball that teleports you to the ground it impacts on
      • A two-charge Superjump (with small health boost)
      • A single Healing Aura that grants 1-second invulnerability and 3-second fast healing
      • A two-charge Ball of Bats that explodes into a cloud of bats that cause bleeding
      • A single-charge Pumpkin MIRV that launches a volley of pumpkin bombs that you or your team can shoot to explode
      • A single-charge Invisibility that grants 8-second invisibility, even while attacking, but you cannot push the cart while cloaked
    • Rare Magic Spells can only be found at the Clocktower’s Book of Rare Spells during the Witching Hour, defeating a Skeleton King, or found randomly in Hell. They include:
      • A mini-Monoculus is summoned to attack your enemies
      • Three Skeletons are summoned to attack your enemies
      • Fires a Tesla Bolt that damages and pulls targeted enemies for a short while
      • A Meteor Shower attacks the impact area after an initial fireball
      • Minifies the caster to a tiny body and a big head, granting unlimited jumping and increased movement/attack/reload speeds
  • When the round is completed by one cart reaching the zenith of the elevator lift, all of the players are teleported into Hell.  The game changes to a sudden-death style of Arena, except that the team whose cart won the previous round receives an overhealed health buff. Now each team must try to eliminate all of the players of the opposite team to win.
    • The winning survivors can then march over to Skull Island and unlock the Bereavement achievement “Hat Out of Hell”, gaining an “Unfilled Fancy Spellbook” action slot item.
    • Putting at least three Spellbook Pages into it changes it into a Fancy Spellbook action slot item, but otherwise has no (apparent) additional function.


Whatever Turns Out to be The Sixth Annual Halloween Special (2014?)


The Comics For Each Halloween Special

The story may be ridiculous, but knowing the story will make your battles on the Halloween maps make a little more sense.  Maybe? Yes. Probably. If you squint.  That said, here are the comics to catch you up with why you are, in fact, shooting down a giant eyeball of hate and casting spells from a dog-eared periodical:

Halloween 2011: “Bombinomicon”

Halloween 2012: “Doom-Mates”

Halloween 2013: “Grave Matters”


List of Items…?


HOLY SNAP this has been a lot of work!

[N] Obey

TF2 Update: 10/16/14 and 10/20/14

Posted on: October 17th, 2014 by Obey

Here’s the scoop:

  1. Limited Late Summer Crates (#86) are now retired.
  2. New convars and voting options have been added to servers:
    • Class limits can now be set for each class (without requiring third-party mods)
      • Voting to allow/disallow class limits can now be enabled, but defaults to “off”
      • Separate convars exist to permit these in MvM games
    • Convar allowing voting to restart a map now defaults to “off”
  3. In case you missed it–servers #13 Harvest and #15 Hightower have merged their stats, and are hosting a (hopefully monthly) contest with keys for prizes!
  4. Until this Sunday afternoong, Steam is hosting a ” ‘Free Weekend’ Weekend” with ten games becoming temporarily free-to-play and having sales of at least 50% off.
  5. [EDIT: 10/20] You can now enable Halloween spells on your server, manage their drop rate, and create spells-enabled maps with new ConVars.
  6. [EDIT: 10/20] Halloween-restricted cosmetic items now always work on the usual Halloween maps, such as koth_viaduct_event.
  7. [EDIT: 10/20] The Spellbook Magazine, which enables spellcasting on servers where Halloween spells are enabled, is now a stock action item that all TF2 accounts now possess.
    • This is both to ensure that all players can access spells-enabled servers at all times, even when the item loadout is unavailable or when the server is set to allow only stock weapons.


Full Patch Notes, Patch 1: 10/20/14

  • Fixed another exploit that allowed clients to have an out-of-date, corrupt, or modified version of items_game.txt
  • Fixed clients not downloading *.dx80.vtx, *.dx90.vtx, and *.sw.vtx files from servers running custom content
  • Fixed sv_pure defaulting to -2 instead of 0
  • Fixed font issues for Mac clients
  • Made the Spellbook Magazine a base action slot item for players to equip and use when playing on a server that uses Halloween Spells
  • Fixed not being able to wear Halloween-restricted cosmetic items on Halloween maps outside of the regular Halloween and Fullmoon events
  • Halloween spells can now be enabled and controlled on servers via ConVars tf_spells_enabled and tf_player_spell_drop_on_death_rate
  • Halloween spells can now be enabled by map authors via HolidayEntity by setting the flag HalloweenSetUsingSpells

Patch 2

Fixed a server crash related to gamestats


Full Patch Notes: 10/16/14

  • Fixed an exploit related to clients uploading files to servers
  • Fixed a problem that allowed clients to have an out-of-date, corrupt, or modified version of items_game.txt
    • TF2 will not run if a bad items_game.txt file is found
    • If your items_game.txt file is reported as being corrupt, delete any items_game.txt files you have added and verify your TF2 installation
  • Fixed a timing problem with the Rancho Relaxo taunt animation
  • Removed the Limited Late Summer Crate from the crate drop list
  • Limited Late Summer Crates can no longer be opened
  • Removed the Limited Late Summer Crate Key from the Mann Co. Store
  • Limited Late Summer Crate Keys have been converted to Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys
  • Fixed Linux dedicated servers not showing up in the LAN serverbrowser tab when using sv_lan 1
  • Fixed the Duels leaderboard not displaying current counts
  • Added the explosion particles to the list of files that we always enforce consistency on
  • Added ConVar tf_classlimit
  • Updated the model/materials for the Runner’s Warm-Up to fix a lighting issue
  • Updated the equip_regions for the Couvre Corner and the Pocket Heavy
  • Updated rd_asteroid
    • Continued art-pass process
  • Updated the vote system
    • Fixed team-specific vote sounds/notifications playing/showing for the ineligible team
    • sv_vote_issue_restart_game_allowed default changed to off
    • Added sv_vote_issue_restart_game_allowed_mvm (on by default)
    • Added “Enable/Disable Class Limits” vote
      • Controlled by sv_vote_issue_classlimits_allowed (off by default)
        • Limit controlled by sv_vote_issue_classlimits_max (default 4)
      • Controlled by sv_vote_issue_classlimits_allowed_mvm in Mann vs. Machine (off by default)
        • Limit controlled by sv_vote_issue_classlimits_max_mvm in Mann vs. Machine (default 2)

Undocumented changes

  • Added Florida LAN Medal.
  • Updated the description of the Limited Late Summer Crate.
  • Kick Messages are now localized for clients.
  • Vote issue names are now localized in the vote menu.

[N] Obey

TF2 Patch Update: 9/17/14

Posted on: September 18th, 2014 by Obey

Hey, new stuff!

  1. Halloween/Full Moon is in effect for the next seven calendar days.
  2. “Limited” is now an item quality, to stand for items that were once craftable or purchasable and no longer can be.
  3. There are five promotional Halloween/Full Moon restricted items that can be earned if you purchase the game Alien: Isolation from the Steam Store before October 7th, 2014. This one-player survival horror game is $49.99, with a $17.99 upgrade to Season Pass.
  4. The following new items and changes to the item drop list are thus:
    • Two new crates, the Director’s Cut Reel and the Limited Late Summer Crate (#86) are added to the drop list.
      • The Limited Late Summer Crate cannot yet be opened, required a yet-unreleased special key.
      • The Director’s Cut Reel is like a combination of the Strongbox and the Audition Reel: It will drop one of four taunts when opened with a standard key, but you can input words to use to “roll” for different items. It drops from the same drop list of taunts as the Audition Reel.
    • The Audition Reel is removed from the drop list.
    • Items from the all-cosmetic Strongbox Pack, released back in February, are now craftable and buyable from the Mann Co. Store.
  5. The rest of the patch notes.
    • The taunt for the Scorch Shot now shoots a projectile.  Apparently that was a bug!
    • New sounds for the Boston Basher.

1. Halloween Mode On for the Next Week

Why? Probably has something to do with the Alien-themed promotional items (see 3.).

2. “Limited” Item Quality

Items that cannot be crafted or bought in the Mann Co. Store (but had once been craftable or purchasable) are now given a new item quality prefix of “Limited” Quantity. This item quality doesn’t change the color of the item text, but the prefix is assumably added to all items to let people know that Valve seem to be making two promises: 1) More copies of a discontinued item will not be available, thus preserving the rarity (and thus the market value) of those items; and 2) Valve are helping the fanbase to easily identify items that are rare, or at least, cannot simply be bought or earned again.  Hopefully Valve remembers to tag all applicable items with the prefix!


3. Alien: Isolation Promo Items for TF2!

Now you can be Amanda Ripley, looking for your mama and trying not to become alien food and/or wear new Alien-themed hats in Team Fortress 2!   There are five items; three for the Scout, and two for the Pyro.  The Scout items dress him up in an Alien costume:

Here’s the nifty part: one of the Pyro’s two items is a reskinned flamethrower! And a Pyro wearing both of his promo items will do more damage to Scouts that are wearing a set of three-Alien-promo items! But I don’t think that the three Scout items count as a set (like the Pyro’s), nor do they have any special effect.  All five items are Halloween/Full Moon restricted.

4. New Crates!

Yay!  But they can’t be opened yet.  Boo!

I’ll post an item list here when we can open them….


5. Full Patch Notes

Undocumented changes

[N] Obey

Get Your Team Fortress 2 Themed Pumpkins Entered in the Contest

Posted on: October 27th, 2008 by Newbs Staff

This is a short post, just reminding everyone to get your pumpkin carved and submitted for the contest for a chance to win Left4Dead! Woo!   So far there have been 4 submissions in the competition, but I’ve been assured that there are more coming.  Remember that the contests closes Nov 2nd, so you MUST have your pumpkins sent in by then.    This contest is open to everyone, even if you have never played on the newbs servers.   Good luck everyone.

For additional details see: